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Interactive videos that engage and deliver real results

Our platform drives measurable results on any video by introducing interactive elements that activate, engage and convert your audience.

You can easily create interactive experiences with our self-authoring editor. For a customized and managed service get in touch with us to work with our talented in-house studio.

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Vidzor is a complete end-to-end interactive video publishing and distribution platform. Learn how you can activate engagement and garner results with interactive videos created, distributed and measured on the Vidzor platform.

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Seed your videos across the web

Your video is distributed across top editorial channels, relevant niche publications and leading social networks.

Get full transparency to where your ideal audience spends time online through their engagement levels and interactions. We accept videos in any length and format to ensure you deliver your message the way you want.

Insights &

We measure engagement, attention span, clicks, viewer input, feedback and much more via our real-time analytics dashboard, which can be seamlessly integrated with your own analytics.

Additionally we dynamically optimize campaign performance on the fly.

Pricing made simple

Our SaaS model plans are each tailored to fit different experience levels and are conveniently packaged to fit all of your needs at a flat monthly or annual price.

In addition to our plans we offer alternative payment models and professional services for customization beyond the plug & play options offered on our platform.

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  • Vidzor Analytics
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What Vidzor can do for


Showcase your vehicles to the right audience to get more drivers. Demonstrate the best features and add call-to-actions to book a test drive or upgrade straight in-video.


Target your ecommerce videos to the right audience and turn viewers into customers. Promote your brand, showcase and sell your products directly in-video. Best of all, integrate our platform with your own analytics and e-commerce platform.


Exhibit your properties to your target homebuyers. Unveil the complete estate down to its last nook, let viewers choose the path they want to view and get in touch for a viewing, all from within the video.


Catch the attention of eager students and teachers. Galvanize the learning experience with an interactive menu, forms and voting apps to maximize engagement and attention span.


Compel potential customers to become brand advocates. Take your brand to the next level and tell your story, produce a how-to tour or collect leads and fans directly in-video through forms and social sharing.


Engage with gamers looking for new games to play. Showcase your game trailer with interactive elements to give viewers the full gaming experience and add a call-to-action to prompt them to download or install the game while you have their full attention in-video.