How do I create my video ad?

You have two options: You can simply sign up and create an account on Vidzor and use our platform to create, publish and distribute your video. Or get in touch with us if you prefer a managed service and customizations beyond our plug & play options.

Who is this for?

We have designed and built this platform to help marketers and advertisers create engaging videos that reach target audiences and convert without touching a line of code. If you have a specific project in mind contact us at and we’ll get in touch right away.

How is my video distributed?

You set the distribution parameters according to your target audience. We buy ad impressions on your behalf across top editorial channels, relevant niche publications and leading social networks. In terms of pricing for distribution, you set the price you want to pay, we add our fixed margin, and that is your final cost. There are no hidden fees, no contracts, and no surprises.

What is programmatic distribution?

Our programmatic distribution engine performs real-time algorithmic yield optimization and automatic advertiser ROI optimization based on your targeting filters.

What happens if I go over my bandwidth limit?

Each plan comes with a preset amount of bandwidth which we track. You can access how much bandwidth you’ve used up at anytime in the project settings of your account. In case you go over your bandwidth limit, your videos will still continue to play. The additional bandwidth cost will rollover to your next monthly invoice. Don’t worry we will let you know in advance if you are close to exceeding your limit. If you’re on the free plan, your account will be limited to 150 views on published videos. Once you’ve reached the limit you will have the option to upgrade your plan. If you choose not to upgrade, your account will remain active, but you will only be able to publish upon upgrade.

How do I track my conversions?

We measure engagement, attention span, clicks, viewer input, feedback and much more via our real-time analytics dashboard. Our analytics can be seamlessly integrated with your own analytics, CRM, CMS, or LMS platform. Additionally we dynamically optimize campaign performance on the fly.

How are my videos dynamically optimized?

We optimize the design and distribution channels of your video ad based on its performance to offer a much more specific message to your tailored audience.

Which sites are my ads distributed on? How does that work?

Vidzor partners with ad networks and ad exchanges to pull together all the best advertising placements on the web into one big ad network for your campaigns. Many of the biggest sites on the web work with one of our ad networks or exchange partners, which makes them accessible to you.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes. Please get in touch with us for more information.

Need a demo?

Contact us here, or directly at and we'll be in touch right away.

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