When we first started toying with the idea of creating interactive videos, online video was nothing more than a black box where viewers could only press, pause, rewind and stop. But still the prominence of online videos was unstoppable in the ‘content is king’ and ‘storytelling’ world and communities began to build themselves around online video platforms (OVPs) such as YouTube and Vimeo. Online video was only just beginning to warm up its engines.

Brands, marketers and individual creatives began experimenting with tools, services, and platforms alike in order to create their own unique visual story. And our creative partner Flikli, began illustrating and producing motion graphic animated explainer videos to companies who understood that a picture is worth a 1,000 words but a video is worth a million. And yes, even we reaped the benefits of video virality with our videos like Office Posture Mattersand the latest 8-bit Winteractive Edition.

Simultaneously, our creative development team who speaks multiple code languages, like Python, Django, and JavaScript, was producing cutting-edge web technology and apps in the music, media and video industries. They were lucky enough to be of the first to get their hands on the HTML5 technology framework, which opened up a world of possibilities to integrate elements on the web with each other, including video. 

The development of HTML5 technology bound our core services and expertise of video and web development together and shined a light on the development of a completely new opportunity: interactive HTML5 native online videos. We don’t deny the fact that interactive videos have been around for the past 20 years and the concept of interactive storylines dates back even further, but harnessing HTML5 web technology into videos allows creators to distribute their videos across browsers and across screens. No more software downloads and no plugins. Sounds intriguing doesn’t it?

Our dev team couldn’t wait to get their hands on this technology and offer a solution where  creators, marketers, and video enthusiasts alike can make their own interactive HTML5 video without using a line of code. So they did just that and Vidzor was born. 

So what can be done with Vidzor?

Simply put, it’s a single platform with all necessary tools and apps to upload, create, publish and analyze your interactive HTML5 video project. We host and encode your videos on our library the minute you first upload so you can start creating. 

Our pre-built apps make it an easy creating process which you can simply drag-and-drop on your video canvas. Each app can be customized and designed to fit your storyline and brand look.

Publishing your videos allows you to share and distribute them with your target audience and embed them on your website, blog, social media, apps, newsletters etc. Best of all our analytics dashboard starts collecting viewer insights and video performance from the minute they are shared. These analytics go beyond views and attention span to help you direct your decisions and optimize your video campaigns.

And what does this mean for you?

Step into a new world of storytelling. Adding interactive elements to your video allows you to bring relevant content from the web, link videos, text, images, galleries, social network streams to help you tell your story. To make it engaging. To make it fun. And most importantly to make it memorable. 

Watch our how-to video for a taste of what an interactive video experience is and to see how even you can start creating your own interactive video today.