Today we're here to showcase a new way to watch and learn what you want, when you want it with our own Vidzor interactive video tutorial. 

Aside from showcasing an opportunity for interactive video tutorials, you can use this to learn about the Vidzor self-service platform, it's functionalities, and how to assemble your own interactive video.

Watch & Learn

Use the menu available throughout the interactive video to watch the parts of the tutorial you want to see.

We recommending watching the video in fullscreen to get the best interaction. You can find the fullscreen button on the bottom right of the player.

Benefits of Interactive Video Tutorials

Online interactive video tutorials allow consumers, students, or any individual to learn in a combined audio-visual environment, where demos replicate the experience of using the technology at hand and allow the viewer to follow along. 

Interactivity offers choice to the viewer to watch the areas they are interested in and to skip ahead if they choose to do so. Research shows that video tutorials are more effective when they are active and engage the user (i.e. require the user to interact with the tutorial) rather than passive.

Multi-linear choose-your-own-path video tutorials puts the viewer in the driver’s seat, allowing them to direct their video path, while you learn from the choices they make and information they choose to receive.  

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 11.37.46 AM.pngMain Interactive Menu

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 11.38.56 AM.pngTop Bar Menu

“Interactive layers” can be in the designed to represent quizzes, votes and forms to ensure dynamic interactivity between the tutorial and the user and are also invaluable in collecting actionable data on your viewers.

form_bulder.jpgVidzor's form app

Best of all, you can analyze viewer interactions and feedback, collected in the integrated analytics dashboard. Learn what your viewers like, review what they understand, and optimize based on this feedback.


Coupled with the engaging power of visual content, interaction is ideal for actively engaging your customers, and analyzing and benefitting from their feedback.  Try out Vidzor or get in touch