We’re pleased to announce that in the setting of the upcoming 52nd annual New York Film Festival: Convergence, the Vidzor team has created a unique experience workshop for creators, transmediates, developers, and creative technologists to enter a world of transmedia through interactive video.

The Vidzor Experience is a place where creatives will be able to explore the possibilities by building their own interactive videos using the Vidzor platform. A series of short workshops will be held to help participants explore the core concepts of what interactive video actually is, screening interactive shorts created by Vidzor and finally a full “Production 101” class to create and assemble your own interactive short video. 

The Vidzor Experience will be followed by a panel discussion "Movies You Play: The Future of Interactive Cinema" from some of the top minds in film, technology, and art, including Vidzor’s CEO, Christian Nielsen.

Why visit the Vidzor experience?

Have you found yourself playing along with videos lately? You may recall some of the top interactive videos like The Wilderness Downtown from Arcade Fire or our personal favorite, Pharell’s 24 Hours of Happy.

Maybe you’ve also had an idea for an interactive storyline or you are simply curious about exploring possibilities of using new technologies to create a truly immersive interactive storytelling experience?

Come and make a visit to The Vidzor Experience and try out new technology to create your personalized audio-visual interactive video experience.

What is Vidzor?

VHS, DVDs, and Flash. All three of these mediums need a player to work, and all three mediums are either outdated or on their way out. Just as DVDs replaced VHS as a more efficient means of watching films, and Netflix replaced DVDs to do the same, HTML5 is making Flash obsolete.

The Vidzor team has developed a self-authoring interactive HTML5 video platform that finally frees video from the constraints of a linear storyline and offers creative technologists the opportunity to seamlessly integrate everything we love about the internet into our online videos. Creators can assemble non-linear user driven stories through video-linking, layer forms, quizzes, polls, Google maps, add product placement and create a connected social experience for viewers together through our favorite social networks creates an immersive and educational experience. This is interactivity beyond play and pause.

Join us at the NYFF: Convergence and explore the core concepts of interactive HTML5 video, what to consider when designing an interactive video, and how creators, entertainers, educators, advertisers, and e-commerce driven businesses can benefit from all that HTML5 has to offer.

Read more about the full NYFF: Convergence program and ticket info.