You’ve now created and published your latest and most awesome video for your business, organization, or company and have an endless list of video platforms that promise to distribute your video ALL over the web to boost your view count. But what does that mean?!

Do they promise to bring you leads, sales, traffic, sign ups…? No, because they can’t.

The truth is that they will in fact distribute your video all across the web and garner you views from anyone who may be visiting that particular page. So, are you happy with just anyone viewing your videos? We hope not.

At Vidzor, we’re excited to unveil our innovative new formula designed to help you achieve maximum engagement that converts all in one medium.

Learn how to create interactive videos that engage and convert. 

Our formula is made up of four essential parts:

A Powerful Editor

Create your own interactive video, no coding skills needed. Our self-serve platform provides you all the tools and technology to create, setup, and distribute your interactive video ad campaign.

Image \u002D image\u002Deditor.jpg

Learn how to start your own interactive video ad in Vidzor’s editor.

Infinite Features

The Vidzor platform enables you to easily create interactive experiences with our award-winning HTML5 technology. Our integrated apps allows you to insert maps, social features, forms, tests, quizzes, and essentially everything you love from the web into your videos. Video-linking makes it easy for you to create non-linear video experiences. This is interactivity beyond clickable hotspots. This is web-native video.

Our platform is flexible and customizable to let you add any additional features you need to create the video experience your audience wants.

Image \u002D gallery\u002Dconsumer.jpg

Check out our feature list.

Native Programmatic Video Distribution

Get only real quality views rather than forced views on pre-roll ads. Layer in targeting options such as demographic or geographic filters, even eliminate viewers who are not in your market. Vidzor effortlessly reaches your customers in a multi-screen world from top editorial channels to leading social networks.

Our programmatic distribution engine performs real-time algorithmic yield optimization and automatic advertiser ROI optimization.  

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 8.30.33 AM.png

See how your video will appear across devices and channels.

Transparent Analytics

Gain valuable insights about your video campaign and audience, all in real-time. Stop measuring vanity metrics and start optimizing campaigns with output that matters.

Optimize your campaign to your viewers preferences based on the metrics. 

Image \u002D image\u002Danalytics.jpg

Read more about how we collect measurable return on your video.

Vidzor Studio

For those who require a customized and managed interactive video solution, Vidzor studio offers a full suite of services and support from our in-house team of coders, designers, and digital media experts. Get in touch today, we’re ready to help!

Check out our suite of creative services and support.

Vidzor’s solution designed to cover all your video needs.

We provide everything you need to run the most effective video campaigns and understand your customer data. Most importantly, we make it remarkably easy to create, distribute, and dynamically optimize your campaigns, so you can be sure that you're allocating your spend to the right resources.