You can dash, dance, and prance this holiday season with Ice Rage, our latest pixelated interactive in-video, video game!

Once again we’ve partnered up with the talented animation artists at Flikli, with whom we’ve successfully debuted our first interactive pixel video 8-bit Game: Winteractive Edition this past year.

Ice Rage is a compilation of mixed media ranging from 8-bit holiday animations populated by live timelapse footage. The full game is rendered together on Vidzor’s interactive HTML5 video platform to give you a dodging ice luge experience.

With our knowledge in HTML5 and JavaScript, our Vidzor tech team was able to effortlessly build one single application layer, where they programmed the game interface in which you have to tackle the animated obstacles who appear at random, control the sleigh, dodge the Krampus demon snowballs, and best of all share your score across social channels, which is populated real-time to rival ultimate high scores against your family members this Christmas. The code and the creative composition all came together on the Vidzor platform to offer an easy embeddable HTML5 interactive video that can be shared across devices and browsers.

Before we give away anymore clues, come dash through the snow with Ice Rage this season!