Save yourself time and use our new preview function in the Vidzor library and editor to view your project prior to publishing.


How does the preview function work?


From the Library:

You will see a new eye icon next to your unpublished projects in the library. Simply click the eye icon to preview your full project without stepping into the editor or publishing.

From the Editor:

Now you can review every little edit you make directly in the editor with a simple click to the top bar preview button


If you are in the main video you will be able to view the full project. If you are editing one of the sub-videos of the project, you will have the option to view the current video or by clicking on the full project tab you can also view the full interactive video. Please note that by clicking on the preview button your project will automatically be saved. Pretty nifty feature!

Why is the preview function awesome?

  • It saves you so much time to check your work and easily make changes to your project on the fly.
  • You won’t collect testing analytics on your project
  • You save yourself some bandwidth so that you have more to share with your audience.

Are you ready to give the preview function a try? Sign up or sign in to your account and create!