We understand the tedious work involved in editing your individual apps to look and function the same on all your individual videos. In order to make your creative process easier, we’ve deployed a simple and easy- to-use copy/paste feature that will make a world of difference in your interactive video editing workflow. See how it's done below:


Copy/paste apps in one video

You may need to add several identical interactive apps within one video of your project to create video chapters, menus, etc. Instead of customizing each app individually, you can now simply copy them within the video.

Step 1: Copy and paste the app. First, create and customize the first app. Next click on the app you wish to copy in the timeline layer, then use the same method (Crtl+C then Ctrl+V) to copy / paste the next app.

Step 2: Adjust the copied app. You will see the app duplicate in the timeline layer, however it will position itself on the original app on the canvas. Drag the app around the canvas using the green plus square in the upper left corner. 


Copy/paste apps across videos in your project


Step 1: Let's get hardcore. Select and click the app you wish to copy in timeline layer. Next, click the “Advanced” tab in the app settings and click on the white box called “Hardcore Configuration” (see image below). Don't get scared when you see lines of code in the 'Hardcore Configuration' -- simply select it all (Crtl+A) and Copy (Crtl+C).


Quick Tip* You may wish to paste this code onto an empty document so you don't loose it.


Step 2: Paste the code in another video. Go back to the video library by clicking the “Library” button on the right top corner and find the video you wish to paste the app into. Once you've entered into the editor, drag a new app (make sure it's the same type of app) from the sidebar onto the canvas. Go to the new app's 'Hardcore Configuration' the same as in Step 1 and select the existing code and delete it. Finally Paste (Crtl+V) the copied code from the original app into the new app's 'Hardcore Configuration'.


Now you have the same app in two different videos. You are free to edit and customize them anytime you like. Leave your comments below or get in touch directly if you have any questions!