We're excited to introduce you to the Vidzor Learning App, created to make the most effective and engaging video training with a self-paced interactive video! We've custom developed a complete Learning Application (Vidzor Learning App as we like to call it) with complete functionalities to support multiple types of training structures whether it be through quizzes, gamification, or a personalized and adaptive course.

Why is the Vidzor Learning App special?

Our e-learning app is highly engaging, easy to use and fully customizable so that you can create a personalized course path for your learners / trainees based on their choices throughout the video. The results can be instantly evaluated through your own LMS through with our TInCan/Experience API.

Try it out for yourself in our validated learning demo video:

So what can the Vidzor Learning App do?

With our e-learning app you can design different learning formats from gamified videos with quizzes and multiple-choice for an engaged learning experience to personalized / adaptive learning course path, based on your viewers choices. You can create a validated learning video to allow viewers to learn in their own pace by testing their knowledge after they've watched the video. Or you may follow the principles of adaptive learning and place the questions before viewers are exposed to the information and personalize their video path depending on their choices and results.    

How easy is it to use this app?

Very easy. Check out our post on getting started and simply add the Vidzor Learning App on the video and customize the app to your preferences. Moreover you can specifically place your question on the timeframe for difficult topics and give effective feedback through accurate statistics. It is easy and fast to use and fully customizable!   

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Basic introduction to the Vidzor Learning App

This serves as an overall understanding of how the app works. We recommend you test it out for yourself or use our enhanced how-to's to create interactive videos to create a validated learning or adaptive learning video, you can find the app under EduApp.

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  1. Single choice: First state your question in the “Question?” bar along with a description if needed. Then type your answers in the answer options, you can add an answer field by clicking on the green plus button. In the round shaped boxes behind your answer you can select the right answer. For the single question it is only possible to select one correct answer.

  2. Multiple choice: This works the same as the single choice question. You may select more than one correct answer here.

  3. Open question: Type in your question and description in the first few rows. Add keywords for validating the questions, bear in mind that the answers will only be approved if they include the right keywords. For this reason it's also possible to select no keywords by removing the answer boxes. Answers will not be evaluated by the system when choosing this option.

When choosing the “evaluate test” option, the results of the questions will be stated after the viewer answered each question in the app. It is also possible switching off the evaluate test option, in this case no results are given throughout the video. The passing percentage can be set in the evaluation option.  

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Publish & play across all platforms, mobile, tablet, etc…

The interactive video is M-enabled and runs in the cloud, so it can be played whenever and wherever learners want to watch it. Teachers or trainers can make instant assessments as Vidzor processes the results to the users’ LMS directly.

Get started!

Now it's your turn! Go ahead and sign up for a FREE Vidzor account and start your first interactive educational video. If you have an questions or need help getting started, get in touch with us.